Crises of the Political and Human Rights

Crises of the Political and Human Rights
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Crises of the Political and Human Rights
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The current political order is marked by large, interconnected spaces, that come to expose more than ever the fragilities of a post-Westphalian sovereignty paradigm, anchored in the national imaginary. Political and economic cleavages, vulnerable democracies, and social polarizations present in today’s globalized world place human rights at the centre of the academic debate of the political realm. 
Under this prism, in this volume we hope to contribute to a re-evaluation of the current political crises and the need for human rights-centred political alternatives. The chapters that comprise this book are structured around a transdisciplinary methodological framework, that reflects the evolving and complex affirmations of human rights quest in an ongoing scholarly discussion. All the chapters take a critical analysis approach to a wide range of theoretical frameworks and political and institutional settings.

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